Founded in 2016, Bridging Consciousness Publ​ishing is an independent micro publisher of nonfiction books. 

Our goal is to publish original titles that educate and empower people to invest in their lifelong personal development. Bridging Consciousness Publishing publishes self-help and transformational books by authors who are rising to becoming the next generation of thought leaders. 

Bridging Consciousness Publishing is committed to bringing our work to as diverse a population as possible. All Bridging Consciousness Publishing titles are available in multiple reading formats.

Bridging Consciousness Publishing is dedicated to ensuring all books are superior in content and reflect our integrity and standards of excellence. 


The Good Goodbye: How to Navigate Change and Loss in Life, Love, and Work

What if the secret to an amazing, fulfilled life isn’t being able to get what you want, but being able to effectively say goodbye to what you’ve lost? 

Whether you’re facing the end of a relationship or a job, an organizational change, the death of a loved one, or the loss of a long held dream, the way you say goodbye can mean the difference between stagnating in grief and thriving in the future....Read more here.


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