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You've got this one life. Make it amazing.

You're a tenacious high-achiever who thrives on making a difference in the world. Your ambition got you far up the ladder of accomplishments. It also wore you out and left you secretly questioning what you're doing with your life.

Despite everything you achieved, you're not feeling excited by it. You don't want to keep pushing yourself to the brink of burnout and watch your light get dimmer each year that passes by, but you don't know what to do differently.

You feel like there's a part of you that's still hiding in the shadows, waiting to be unleashed. You're craving to let it out so you can:

Start a new chapter that's more gratifying and playful. 

Spend your days being fueled by creative drive and clear purpose. 

Make the desires that have been hidden in your heart a reality.

Bottom line:

You want to live to your fullest potential and let your inner brilliance shine.

That's where I can help.

With 20 years experience in psychology, personal development, leadership, and education, I've helped hundreds of people get clear on where they want to be and take focused action to get there.

​I've mentored executives, managers, students, and colleagues to go after what they most desire.

I've empowered talented souls to become the leaders they're born to be.

I've taught clients how to take strategic action to make amazing things happen.

I want to do the same for you. I'm committed to helping you rise to your greatness.

I've seen (and treated) the consequences of people letting go of their dreams. And, I don't want that to happen to you...

Depression. Anxiety. Chronic stress and exhaustion. Physical ailments. Love troubles. These all happen when we don't live in alignment with our true nature and desires. You're meant for more than living on autopilot while parts of you fade away. 

If you're looking for strategic, heartfelt guidance to connect to your brilliance and be inspired by your life, I'm so glad you're here, my friend!

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Every offering at Bridging Consciousness leads to greater self-awareness and personal growth, two cornerstones for changing your life for the better. Without them, you're exhaustedly going through the same motions wondering why things don't change. 

Now, to help you determine if you've found the right match, let me share a fundamental truth of mine that drives my work:

I believe every answer you're seeking already exists within you and the biggest barrier to accessing it is YOU.

Limiting beliefs, self-doubt, a lifestyle of chronic stress, ​lack of confidence...these are what get in the way of your greatness.

Everything else is just a distraction that leads to a big ball of confusion and mess.

I learned this firsthand.

After 20 years in the higher education, nonprofit, and mental health fields as a clinical psychologist, consultant, professor, and university president, I burned out.

I had no idea what the hell I was supposed to do with my life after giving so much to doing something that no longer brought me excitement.

I was disconnected from my joy. I felt purposeless and ashamed to tell anyone about it. Anxiety, low self-worth, and overwhelm lay hidden inside my laser-focused, super productive exterior.

I worked tirelessly to give my best at work, in my relationships, with my friends and family. Yet, I kept wondering: At what point can I stop trying to do my best all the time? When is it good enough?

What I failed to see is that deep inside, I didn't believe I was good enough.

I was missing acceptance and approval of myself. And that kept me constantly striving to achieve more, do more, and be different than who I am. 

My saving grace was a burning desire to heal my soul.

You see, in 2001, I started investing in what became an amazing 15-year journey of self-discovery through all kinds of healing practices.

Traditional therapy. Intuitive counseling. Dance. Energy medicine. Bodywork. Shamanic healing. The list goes on....

I learned so much about who I am and how I show up in the world. I was able to let go of old stories of limitation that kept me from thriving.

And, I want you to experience a nugget of truth I found along the way that changed my life:

The greatest love you'll ever find is the love you have for yourself.

Yep, I said it. That word that either makes you light up - OR - makes you roll your eyes at that "fluffy, esoteric, new-agey stuff" that us Californians are notorious for.

Here, you'll find everything but the fluff.

Love is an innate drive in everyone. We all want it and are heartbroken when we don't have it. But, it's the love for yourself that:

opens doors of opportunity;

releases your grip on the past;

fuels your creative purpose; and

catapults you into a future where magic is waiting to unfold.

Self-love is the key to a life of abundance, joy, and limitless possibility. It's the willingness to believe that you deserve everything your heart desires.

Anything that's convinced you to stay small and hide your brilliance - it's time to liberate yourself from those old stories. I'd be honored to help you do this.

You've got this one life, my friend. Make it amazing.

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